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Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

This refers to transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products. Specifically, Chinese shoppers buy from an overseas online retailer who will pack individual orders before consolidating them for shipping to China. Our company can handle imports via port-of-entries at Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

1.Via Hong Kong

Merchant packs individual orders and consolidates them as a single freight to our Hong Kong Warehouse (or request us to collect at the airport/port). We will then transfer from our Hong Kong Warehouse to mainland China. After clearance at the Chinese Customs, the individual orders will be delivered directly to the end-users.

2. Via Guangzhou or Shenzhen

Merchant packs individual orders and consolidates them as a single freight to an airport/port in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. It stays at the Customs Control Area awaiting for clearance. Merchant submits information to the Customs via electronic filing. After clearance, the designated domestic express courier will deliver the individual orders directly to the end-users.

Suitable For:

  • China-registered enterprises selling foreign products online.
  • Foreign-registered enterprises may import into China via Hong Kong.
  • Shopping agents.
  • High-value goods (e.g. semi-luxury goods, cosmetics, etc.).


  • Need not stock-up in China and therefore reducing operational or financial risks.
  • Convenient one-stop declaration and clearance process.
  • Advertise as "Ship from Overseas".

Comparing Port-of-Entries

    Hong Kong Guangzhou Shenzhen
Common Features Import Model B2C B2C B2C
Initial-Leg Delivery Consolidate Freight Consolidate Freight Consolidate Freight
Ship From Overseas Overseas Overseas
Other Features Customs Clearance Random Inspection One-Stop Declaration & Clearance One-Stop Declaration & Clearance
ID Info Not Required Required Required
Last-Leg Delivery HK e-Express  EMS Domestic Express Courier Domestic Express Courier
Personal Postal Articles Tax Pay by Recipient Pay by Recipient Pay by Recipient
Shipping Fee More expensive Economical Economical
Time 5-20 days 2-5days 2-5days
Ideal Product Type High-value or semi-luxury goods Fast-moving consumer goods Fast-moving consumer goods
Enterprise Type China/Foreign/HK-registered China-registered China-registered
Register Company Not Required Required Required
Register Product Not Required Required Required
Package Weight < 7 KG < 50 KG < 50 KG

Via Hong Kong

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Via Guangzhou or Shenzhen

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B2C Operations

  • Registers company with the Customs.
  • Registers product(s) with the Customs.
  • Integrates system.
  • Uses OMS for orders & inventory management
  • Submits information to the Customs via electronic filing.
  • Collects orders & pastes shipping labels.
  • Helps to pay Personal Postal Articles Tax.
  • Arranges delivery with domestic express couriers.